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RF Recorder, Player & Analyzer

High Performance but Affordable

Under development. Target release in Q2 2016. Details coming soon.

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Bring real world RF signals into the lab!

Instead of predefined patterns of RF signals, C&K Technologies' RF Recorder captures and records real world RF signals, along with their channel impairments, so they can then be used as a signal source to verify a Unit Under Test (UUT) in the lab. Additionally, this RF Recorder saves time and expense for debugging since it plays back real world signals -- with the actual issues that occurred in the field -- right within the lab. Customers no longer need to visit an installation site every time an issue occurs.


Signal Recorder, Player and Analyzer all in one box!

Recording RF signals for long durations is a common industry requirement. However, it takes many hours to pinpoint specific segments of the signal that contains useful data. C&K Technologies' playback and analysis software greatly simplifies these tasks with various tools.


The most affordable solution on the market!

RF Recorders and Players are not standard test equipment, unlike signal generators and spectrum analyzers, so their frequency of use is lower. Therefore, following the rules of supply and demand, the cost of ownership for these test instruments is high.

Again, addressing a real industry need, C&K Technologies developed an affordable solution. we aim to build low cost RF Recorder and Player to help minimize cost of ownership.


Key Feature

  • Low cost RF Recorder and Player without compromising performance

  • Record, playback, analysis and edit captured signal in one box instrument

  • Light weight for hand carrying

  • Easy to use



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