We provide affordable RF, Microwave & Millimeter-Wave instruments!


C&K Technologies' high performance instruments meet the most challenging needs and requirements within the Test & Measurement industry. However, for applications that demand performance specifications not addressed by our standard products, we work closely with customers to deliver affordable, custom solutions. Please contact us today. 

  • mmWave VNA Frequency Extension Solution

  • RF/Microwave Antenna Test System (DLOMS)

  • RF/Microwave Instrument

  • Manufacturer of microwave and millimeter wave products.

  •  Both active and passive components in a wide frequency range from DC to 110GHz 

  • 20 GHz Signal Source

  • RF Up/ Down Converter

  • SMT type 6GHz Frequency Synthesizer

  • PXIe/USB-SPI-RS232

  • World’s first non-contact metrology solution for mmW and THz bands

  • Power Divider, Directional Coupler, Band Pass Filter, Power Amplifier, PIN Diode Switch, Hybrid Coupler 등

  • OML mm_Wave Extension Module 

  • Covering ranges: 50 to 500 GHz​