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Broadband Amplifier Units

Simplify tests by combining amplifiers with switches

Simplify testing with several amplifiers for multiple frequency bands!

When using amplifiers in a lab, engineers and technicians need a power supply and several amplifiers to cover multiple frequency bands. Then, everything gets interconnected and unplugged as necessary during testing.


C&K Technologies simplifies the process by consolidating all elements into one box, including combinations of amplifiers with switches to cover the bands of interest. This enables customers to place one RF Amplifier Unit on a benchtop and simply start testing.


Example of the amplifier unit

  • 100W, 0.1 to 18GHz High Power Amplifier Switch Unit

  • 20W, 0.5 to 18GHz Amplifier Unit

  • 0.001 to 50GHz Battery Powered Low Noise Amplifier Unit (several amplifiers for each frequency band used in this example)


Key Features

  • Custom-built Broadband Amplifier Unit combines amplifiers and switches

  • Manual and remote control for Band Switching and/or Amplifier On/Off

  • Supply voltage and/or temperature monitoring available (optional)

  • Output protection and output power monitoring (optional)


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