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Multi-band RF Signal Distributor, MRSD

Reduce cost by replacing multiple RF signal generators with one MRSD

Replace Multiple RF Signal Generators with One MRSD!

Due to limited frequency resources in 4G wireless communication, high demand exists for multi-frequency band test services. However, test costs are increased significantly when testing mobile wireless equipment -- such as a Repeater or Distributed Antenna System (DAS) -- since it requires many RF signal generators to create input test signals for multiple frequency bands simultaneously.


Customers deserve a more affordable system and C&K Technologies developed the solution: a Multi-Band RF Signal Distributor (MRSD). MRSD was specifically designed to lower the cost associated with these multi-frequency band tests.

MRSD Operation Types

MRSD type 1:

  1. RF signal generator output -- multi-standard and multi-carrier signal -- get  input to MRSD

  2. MRSD filters the signals and then up/down-converts each to the required bands

MRSD type 2:

  • Input a single RF signal generator carrier into MRSD

  • MRSD up/down-converts the carrier to required bands

Apllication Example:

MRSD replace 3 RF signal generator.

Key Features

  • Replace many RF signal generators with one RF signal generator and one MRSD

  • Frequency, level, level offset and output On/Off of each port controlled independently as RF signal generator output port

  • Low-cost solution


MRSD Control GUI

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