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mmWave Controller

Cost reduction device for Millimeter-Wave Vector Network Analysis

Cost Reduction

Millimeter Wave Vector Network Analysis requires 4 port VNA and VNA Frequency Extender. Our mmWave Controller make it possible to use 2 port VNA for this application. As a result, customers can reduce cost for mmWave Vector Network Analysis equipment by using 2 port VNA and applying C&K Tehchnologies' affordable mmWave Controller.


Deployed and Proven

C&K Technologies' mmWave Controller is currently used successfully by the Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science (KRISS). KRISS uses the VEC to test 77GHz Automotive Radar chip.


In October this year, another C&K Technologies' mmWave Controller unit will serve the Electromagnetic Wave Technology Institute within the Korea Radio Promotion Association. EWTI uses the mmWave Controller to measure S-parameters of Millimeter-wave devices.


Key Features

  • Add-on device placed between VNA and VNA Frequency Extender (VFE)

  • DC voltage Output for VFE

  • Auto Level Control of RF and LO source suitable for VFE

  • Supports V and W bands

  • Controls RF and Local Oscillator (LO) source levels suitable for VFE

  • Add-on device placed between VNA and VNA Frequency Extender (VFE)


Application information 

  • VNA can be used with our mmWave Controller

    • Equivalent VNA of Agilent E836XC series, and VNA should support more than 20GHz.

      • Option H11      IF Access

      • Option 014      Configurable Test Set

      • Option UNL      Extended Power range & bias-tees

      • Option 080      Frequency-offset mode

      • Option 081      Reference Channel Switch

      • In case of E836XX VNA, it could measure only S11 and S21 depending on version of the instrument.


  • Agilent  N52XXX series which supports more than 20GHz frequency.

    • Option H20      IF Access


  • Configuration of OML VNA millimeter wave Extension Module for S parameter measurement is as below.

    • T/R + T/R Module: S11, S21, S22, S12

    • T/R + T Module: S11, S21 or S22, S12

    • S + T Module: S12 or S21


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